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Nov 09, 2020 · It’s also one of the most powerful units on our list, with a whopping 14,000 BTUs of heating and cooling power. We loved how portable it is, even when fully loaded with water, due to its durable ... Unit was fully charged before I took it to a fair where I needed to briefly (15 minutes) run a MIFI modem off the AC outlet and then recharge my iPhone off the DC. The battery showed "O" before the phone was even one-third charged. Moral of the story: I can recharge my phone to full charge off a back-up battery smaller than my palm. Buy new ones, getting the manufacturer’s name and the model number off the unit or from your owner’s manual. Then head to the nearest appliance parts store. When the fan blades need to be replaced, here’s what to do: Take the front panel off to get at the motor. Take the motor out, if necessary, to get at the fan blade.